White Lavender

lavenderWhite lavender is less common than the usual purple variety as it is not as resistant to disease, bad weather conditions or poor soil. However, there are five varieties available: the tiny Lavandula angustifolia "Nana Alba" and the medium-sized "Alba"; a white form of Lavandula stoechas which grows well iin a container; the greenish-white Lavandula viridis, one of the taller growing species; and finally, the hardier Lavandula x intermedia "Alba".

There is also a pale pink variety available, Lavandula angustifolia "Rosea", although some purple plants do produce the odd pink flower here and there. These paler lavenders seem to have a stronger scent than the darker purple varieties.

    Legends: Bees prefer lavender to any other flower so you often find lavender bushes covered with bees searching for nectar.
                     Napoleon Bonaparte is rumored to have been particularly fond of lavender water.