Ginger Mint

mintMentha gentilis

Comes from a cross between corn mint and spearmint, and has the strong smell of the latter. It is a perennial herb, growing to a height of 1-2 ft and producing smallish light green leaves. In the variegated form bright yellow stripes run through the leaves.

Ginger mint produces small, pale purple flowers which bloom along the main stern, rather than at the end of the stalk like other mints. It is also known as slender mint and Scotch mint and, when dried, its scented leaves are a useful addition to pot pourris. Like all mints, ginger mint can get out of control so try growing it in either in a pot or a container sunk into the ground to prevent the roots spreading too far.

    Legends: In the fourteenth century mint was used for whitening the teeth.

    Fun Facts: Mice dislike the smell of either fresh or dried mint, so they will not touch any food where mint is scattered.